Check Out These Clever Ideas for Shoe Storage

A huge collections of different type of shoes requires that they be put in an organized manner before they take over your home. Sometimes putting them in your closet can be a little challenging but this should not be a major issue. We have rounded up a few tips for your shoe storage ideas that will inspire you.

Make use of wooden cabinets

If you are the type of person that prefers to keep your floors clear from shoe racks or any other form of storage, then the wooden cabinets could offer the solution. Other than providing aesthetics, these cabinets are also very functional. And the best part of these cabinets is that they can be custom made to fit your needs. They make the best addition to any entry way and can also be used as tops for placing other items like small plants.

Get adhesive shoe organizers

You might not have enough space for a larger item like a shoe rack but an adhesive shoe organizer can equally do the task. This adhesive shoe organizers can also be custom made to fit to your taste. They also allow you to display your shoes in a unique and artistic way. However, if you decided to use the adhesive shoe organizers be sure to keep your shoes clean to avoid leaving dirt marks on your beautifully painted walls.

Shoe racks

If you have have a larger space to accommodate a shoe rack, then please do not shy away from getting yourself a shoe rack. Shoe racks tend to be a bit flexible it terms of where you can place them. This can be on the floor or against the wall, the choice is yours. To get more ideas, head over to

Shoe drawer

If you are looking to store your favorite pair of shoes in a secure and centralized location then the shoe drawer will do a perfect job. Drawers always collapse back into the cabinet once you push them in so this means you will not have to always trip on your shoes as you move around. By putting your shoes here it becomes so much easier to access them.

More ideas for your storage

  • You can add shelves for shoe storage in your closet
  • Custom make an ottoman to act as a shoe storage item
  • Consider getting wall shoe hangers