Eco-Friendly Bathroom: 3 Ways To Go Green

Your bathroom is your sanctuary. It is a personal space and the most-frequented room in the house. And with the environmentally-friendly mentality making its way to our homes, it is only fair to ensure that your bathroom does not consume a lot of energy and resources. Everything from leaky faucets to runny toilets can cause a lot of waste and harm the environment. However, having an eco-friendly bathroom means that you can cut down on waste. So, how do you turn your bathroom around? Here are 3 ways to go green:

Choose energy-efficient lighting

The LED bulb offers a sufficient method of lighting. As many of these bulbs are Star-certified, they only consume a fraction of the energy that ordinary bulbs use. You will instantly enjoy savings on your electricity bill should you choose to install them.

Install an energy-efficient toilet

According to research, the toilet accounts for over 30% of water consumption at home. This is mainly because of water leaks and inefficient flushing methods. On the flip side, installing energy-efficient toilets will cut down on water consumption and save thousands of dollars monthly.

Use a low-flow shower head

While taking shorter showers is a sure way to save water if you like to get a scrub. However, installing low-flow shower heads will help you save water and the amount of energy that you are using to heat your water.

There you go! 3 ways to have an eco-friendly bathroom!